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Changing Filter

General Servicing

Scheduled Services

It doesn't matter how old, or new your vehicle is, you should always have it serviced at the correct intervals as stated in your owner's manual. Some vehicles require servicing every 12 months or 10,000 km's, some are every 6 months. Familiarise yourself with your owner's manual or scheduled service as soon as you buy your vehicle. 

Following the scheduled maintenance on your car will keep it in its best running condition and minimise the risk of expensive repairs or breakdowns. 

Changing Oil and Oil Filter

In order for your engine to operate correctly and at its most efficient, it needs clean oil. If the oil isn't changed periodically, it will fail to lubricate your engine correctly, causing major damage to the internal parts of your engine. If the oil filter is not changed alongside the oil, it will become severely clogged and reduces the oil's ability to pass through the filter and into your engine. 

At the very minimum, you should change your oil and filter as scheduled by your vehicle manufacturer. 

Air Filter Replacement

It is important that the Air Filter in your vehicle is changed as per your service schedule. When Air Filters become damaged or blocked due to debris, dust, and dirt, it can alter your cars air-fuel balance. This imbalance can cause inefficiencies in your engine and pollute your spark plugs. This will cause your engine to run rough, misfire, or be less fuel efficient. 

Pollen/ Cabin Filter Replacement

The cabin air filter is usually located under the hood, near the windshield or under the vehicle's dashboard, near the glove box. It filters the air as it is drawn in by the blower motor. The filter mechanically filters dirt and particles entering the cabin of the vehicle, but it also contains a layer of carbon that filters out unpleasant odors. A cabin air filter that is plugged will decrease the flow of air through the air vents.

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